Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- Shiloh

From The Fairl

A description from Shiloh's past family...

This is Shiloh. She is a pure bred Chocolate Labrador. She is 8 years old (1 July 2008) and has not been speyed and has not had puppies.

We got her from Christchurch after we could no longer go without a dog following the death of our first Labrador. The kids loved having this little brown puppy in the house and she has been brought up in the family environment. 

She has grown up with all the Labrador traits - always hoping some food will be dropped, which with 4 kids, she was able to get her share (but we only let her have the healthy stuff!) - She particularly loves the apple core once you’ve finished your part, and she seems to know when a banana is being peeled and always gets a bit off the end. We have been very careful to keep her in good physical condition, not over feeding and getting plenty of exercise. She has grown up to be a good family dog, she is great around the children.

Because we home school, Shiloh is used to having company all day. She always likes to sits under the table at someone’s feet while we are working and even at meal time we let her sit under the table as part of the family. Again, at night she will be sitting at my feet if I’m at the computer or watching some TV.

Shiloh loves anyone and everyone (dogs and humans alike)and her first instinct is to go straight to them to be their friend - which isn’t always a good thing!

Shiloh loves her walks, a little bit of swimming, playing fetch and tug of war, she is also very content to have a nice big bone to chew on every now and then.

Shiloh is a house dog, she sleeps inside as she does not like to be cold at night.
It is with deep regret that we are having to leave behind our beloved girl, she is very much one of the family. We hope that she can be placed in a loving home that enables her to continue being ‘Shiloh’
Best Regards from us
The Fairley's

These are some of the traits that we have noticed while Shiloh 

* She keeps all paws on the ground mostly. She can be a bit jumpy when excited but quickly put all paws on the floor

* She plays nicely with our dog Max and other homestay dogs.

* very gentle nature

* quiet in vehicles

* likes to sleep in her dog bed, and she is trained to go and sleep there all night.  

* She has stayed in our backyard- no fence jumping- when we needed to leave her at home. She finds the sun to lay down, and waits patiently. If she knows you are at home, she will want to be with you. 

* she comes to her name 90% of the time. She loves the beach, and comes back to her name. She likes to great people on the beach, and rolls over for a tummy rub.

* able to put your hand near his food bowl

* walks well on lead, but can pull if not reinforced to stay beside you. We do have Easy Walk Harness which will help when she forgets her manners. 

Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh



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