Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- Max

Max needs a home

Max is a male Pedigree Springer Spaniel.

Age: He is 1 year and 8 months old.

His date of birth is 08/03/2009.

He is desexed, chipped, and his vaccinations are up to date.

History: Max is a real gem. He has been living with a family with children. He is well socialised, and loves life. He has been with us for the last week, and this family are wanting us to pick a home for this lovely, spirited dog. Max would suit a family who has time to give to Max. He loves to know where you are, but when you leave the house, he is quiet. He does bark to tell you that he's outside, but this is a learnt behaviour and with time, he's settle into your life, and your routine.

Max is...

* Social

* Agile, fit and healthy

* Able to be brushed and groomed with ease. He doesn't mind you picking stuff out of his ears, and feet.

* loves to play fetch and brings the ball back to your feet

* enjoys the 'chase' of birds but never catches one- His grandfather was a Champion Gun Dog

* understands English like sit, stay, come and since he's been staying at our house, he's learned to wait patiently for his food, leave his toy, drop the toy. He is very quick to learn which means that he'll pick up bad habits too if you are unaware of your body language.

* Looks at you (pays you attention)

* his recall is coming along. He has learnt our whistle, and comes 80% reliably.

* he's able to balance on his back legs, and needs to learn to keep his 4 paws on the floor. Luckily he is a light dog :)

* travels well in a car, and waits patiently while you are in the shops.

* likes to entertain himself by hiding a toy and finding it again.

* toilets outside

* able to put your hands in his food bowl without the need to worry

* stays in the backyard. Respect fences, and has not jumped our 6 foot fences.

* no fear of water

* friendly with the public and other dogs.

Price: $450.00 includes 4 weeks of class training.

Bonus: Client prices are applicable for homestays for Max. He knows us, and is welcome to stay subject to availability. Interested? Email us on or ring us on Chch 389 4065


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