Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- Marmite

Marmite needs a home

Marmite is a Labrador Cross

Age: He is 6 years old

He is desexed, chipped, and his vaccinations are up to date.

His Story:

OK, so there was a shortage of Marmite, but here is a dog we have currently living with us looking for a 'forever' home.

Raised with children, this LabraCollie (or Colliador if your so inclined) is a rehome due to quake displacement and relocation.

Marmite is an utter delight. (Gotta bike? He'll trail run with you for hours and then some). He is a great house dog, outside dog, recall dog, affectionate dog, he lives in harmony with the world.

He doesn't like some other (strange) black dogs...but indicates he's uncomfortable and avoids trouble. 

Marmite loves to be with you but wont miss you if your not there for a bit. He  is probably best described by myself as a 'keeper' but he is ready to earn his place in some ones family's [or solo/couple] heart.

He is healthy, fit and willing to learn... (great listener, easy to train and self cleaning! )

Are you, or do you know that special person... Marmite would make an incredible 'first dog I ever had' companion.
Marmite has a second home with us if you ever need him to stay over....  and I know his legacy [first] family would be delighted if his new parent(s) kept in touch from time to time. They miss him. I completely get that!

*** This is what the owners said about their dog:

Hi there

Marmite is 6 years old, he will be seven in December sometime. He is a border collie Labrador cross, or borador. He has been with us from two months old, rescued from the city pound, microchipped and neutered as required. He has been through puppy school at marshlands, and knows quite a few basic commands, (sit, stand, stay, wait, go, down, shake, etc) and is very trainable. He sleeps mostly inside by the back door, but enjoys all day outside. Not allowed on furniture, good with grooming and vets. Lived with a cat for a while, took second place, has been around other dogs and cats and is normally placid unless provoked. He loves walking and running without a leash, will pull when on one, have used halti to control this. When bored or hot will dig a hole in the garden to lay in. Hates fireworks, needs a cuddle after big bangs.

We hope somebody will walk him more than we have been able to, he loves chasing seagulls on the beach, (gets up quite a gallop) but is not very good at bringing back sticks. We throw them out past the smaller waves and he jumps in and grabs them, then leaves them behind for the tide to bring up.


Marmite is...

* Social

* Agile, fit and healthy

* Able to be brushed and groomed with ease. He doesn't mind you picking stuff out of his ears, and feet.

* loves to play fetch, grabs the toy but doesn't really bring it back!

* understands English like sit, stay, come and since he's been staying at our house, he's learned to wait patiently for his food, leave his toy, drop the toy.

* Looks at you (pays you attention)

* his recall is great. He has learnt our whistle, and comes back to us 97% reliably.

* travels well in a car, and waits patiently while you are in the shops.

* likes to entertain himself by hiding a toy and finding it again.

* toilets outside

* able to put your hands in his food bowl without the need to worry

* stays in the backyard. Respect fences, and has not jumped our 6 foot fences.

* no fear of water

* friendly with the public and other dogs.

Price: $450.00 includes 4 weeks of class training.

Bonus: Client prices are applicable for homestays for Marmite. He knows us, and is welcome to stay subject to availability.

Interested? Email us on or ring us on Chch 389 4065

marmite marmite  

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