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Rehomed- Louie

From The Parsons

Louie is a 2 year old, male Cocker Spaniel 

A description from Louie's past family..  

Louie is a pure bred golden English Cocker Spaniel who has been bred from top show dogs - one from France (http://domainedesmatalis. spaniel-anglais.html ). Without being bias he is the best example of a cocker spaniel I have ever seen and has had the same remarks made by trainers and vets. Through his breeding they have also eliminated the genetic blind gene that has effected all of my past cocker's so he is an exceptionally breed dog.

He is a very happy and playful wee dog who loves balls, Frisbees, walks, and swimming (loves the water). I have put a lot of work in with Louie and as a result is very well trained as he will do anything for food. He is great on the lead and can be let off and controlled with your voice easily. He absolutely loves other dogs and it was very evident from a pup he was a dogs dog not a people dog. He is also crate trained so very easy to travel with.

Louie is a two year old pure bred English Cocker Spaniel. He is a happy and loyal dog who enjoys playing with balls and Frisbees, walks, swimming, and absolutely loves other dogs. Louie is an intelligent, well trained dog who is great to walk on the lead and can be effectively controlled when let off.When Louie knows and trusts someone he is an extremely affectionate wee dog who brings a lot of happiness and a lot of laughs.

Why is he being rehomed? 

We have made the hard decision to rehome Louie due to our changing family situation and his behaviour around strangers. Louie is a great dog who we love to bits and is very affectionate with people he knows and trusts however is very uncertain around some people he meets and when getting patted occasionally growls at them to tell them that is enough. He has never bit anyone or even made an attempt to snap however this has been an on going behaviour we have noticed since he was a pup and we have a very large and very sociable family.

We have put in a lot of time and effort with Louie to stop this behaviour however as we are now beginning our own family and as I am out of town more and more for work we do not believe we are able to do this effectively anymore. This is a heart breaking decision to make but we love Louie and he is a great dog so deserves a great family.

As of 16/01/2017

Louie is living with his current owners while we look for the perfect home. He hasn't come to stay with us just yet. What usually happens when we are responsible for rehoming a dog is that the dog comes to stay with us while we work on their behaviour

If you are interested in Louie, please give us a ring, or email us. Here are some photos of his current family...

Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh



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