Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- George

George needs a home  (This ad had 5147 views !! He went to a family in Auckland)

Want to see recall?  Just say "George" 

Want to make friends?  Just bring "George"

Want an loyal guardian and companion? Just feed "George"

Who, What, Where, When  is this "George"?  

Who isGoerge?

a mixed breed Schnauzer and German Shepherd Cross who most folk will mistake for a Irish Wolf Hound (only smaller).

Aged less than two years old George has a big part of his life to offer to a family, couple or single...  he knows to look after your stuff,  will respect your car, is uninterested in shoes and considers it his life's duty to keep cats from crapping in your garden. A consumate athlete and fond of retrieve, he will self entertain, being fond of playing with a rubber bouncy hardball (in a most cat like fashion). He's patient with being left alone and endearingly welcomes you home, and likes to be around you....when your there. He sleeps through the night  and has great house manners... (just don't leave the butter on the bench top, that's fairgame!)

George is in excellent health and keeps himself very clean. His coat is quite course which means grooming is a brush from time to time. He dries off so quick after a river/beach experience that even the car enjoys him. He knows where the back seat is and he's no biggie in the 'fur everywhere' dept. We barely notice him.

What George needs most is a forever companion (or two or three).

George was raised from a puppy, with children, a beach and a little white fluff. 

He would be happy with just about anyone but we  are looking for that special forever person(s) who will tell us how perfect they are....  

George is accepting applications now.

george george george  

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