Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehoming- Frankie  

Lab cross (viszla and huntaway)

Frankie needs a new Hollywood!

 Frankie is a 2.5 years old Lab cross (viszla and huntaway)

 Frankie is very playful, full of good energy, good with children (over the age of 9).

She has spent a lot of time playing with a smaller male dog. She allows other dogs into her property.

Great command of 'sit', 'wait', 'fetch' and other common words. She can be a strong dog when walking but she is very used to wearing a halti.

 She can be quite skittish - particularly around loud noises etc.

 Frankie takes treats very softly and allows people to take her bones away without any fuss. Very important behaviour especially around children.

 Frankie has had a great loving, upbringing. The lucky family will have a trained dog without going through the puppy stage.

She can be left outside alone and her owner made sure that she wasn't disturbing the neighbour by using a 'spy' camera.

She passed the test! Interested? Apply at The School of the Naked Dog


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if you are interested in rehoming Frankie.... I'm sure that we will get a lot of interest, so put your best foot forward:) 

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Fully vaccinated, and microchipped.

          Price on application and INCLUDES the following--- 

  • dog training classes - 4 weeks- $110
  • leash
  • dog food, toys, bed
  • a book called Love Has No Age Limit- Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home (retail $25)
  • Frankie of course! microchipped and vaccinated !

    Bonus: Client prices are applicable for homestays for Frankie ($35/day instead of $40/day. 

                 He is welcome to stay with us, subject to availability.

    Please fill in our Rehoming Application form

    Frankie Frankie

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