Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- Dufer/Bailey

Bailey needs a home

His name now is Bailey. He was Dufer, but we felt that he needed a new name:) (at least Natalie thought so)

Bailey is about 3 years old. Male, desexed, and he's been vaccinated.
He is a Lab mixed with a Shar Pei

History: Bailey comes from a retired couple who no longer had time to care for him. We had rehomed him around 2months ago but due to the earthquake, he now needs another new home.

Price: $100 or $150(includes 4 weeks of group dog training)

These are some of the traits that he comes with....

* He keeps all paws on the ground, meaning he does not jump up on people when first introduced.

* he plays nicely with all of the dogs he has met... and since we've had him, he's played with many dogs.

* understands play, and does play bows to solicit playing from the other dogs

* very gentle nature

* quiet and patient in vehicles

* able to be around dogs, large and small.

* he needs to learn some English, but very smart, and learn quickly.

* likes to sleep on the couch, which we don't have a problem with as he gets down when asked.

* stays near his humans. He has stayed in our backyard- no fence jumping

* he comes to his name 70% of the time. He needs to be reinforced with food treats, but once learned, he will come reliably.

* waits patiently for his food, but will nudge you for yours. Easily fixed!

* able to put your hand near his food bowl

* walks well on lead

* he is NOT a guard dog. I don't think I've heard him bark.

* has been around children, and plays well with them.


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