Rehoming in Christchurch, New Zealand

Rehomed- Buster the Border Case

Border Collies are great dogs. So are Labradors. It is not often we have both characters wrapped up in one looking for a forever home. 
"Buster" came to us because he didn't fit in where he was. He couldn't stay. That's all. 
He didn't come with much of a history,  and sadly what we did know didn't quite gel with us. 

 He certainly showed promise but there were some underlying issues that he was struggling with, so home with us he came... Three weeks later he is a different Dog. We eliminated any medical issues, gave him some time to adjust to us, and put some training time in. (of course, in the mean time we fell in love with him.) And now Buster is ready for the world. 

That's quick.... 

So, Buster is a male, neutered not quite 2yr old (best guess) athlete with a great home temperament. He respects his Master's space, though could easily bench surf, his food manners and clean tidy nature easily compliments his keenness to please. He curls up at your feet in the evening...(though, on invite will join you on the couch)  utterly loves going cycling in Burwood Forest and running the Beach.

Buster do NOT typically go off seeking the company of  other dogs, he prefers to be with you.  He doesnt mind being home alone either.

Buster will happily wake you with a cold nose in the morning, he thinks 7:30 is good.  We think he had built-in daylight saving time!

Buster has learned quickly that paws on the bed, people and benches are 'much better' on the floor...  He is eager to learn new stuff!

Make no mistake there is a lot of Dog inside Buster, and he will need someone willing to be a great teacher as he is quick to learn and 'gets stuff' through use of voice, gesture and consistency (and a few treats, pats, and smiles).

Buster would prefer  someone who has 'outdoors' as a lifestyle, and inside as a friend... he hasn't touched as much as a shoe, sock or undies. 

He has been great with other dogs, large and small.  We haven't tested him on Cats, but he's not predatory... it is just not his nature.  He is smart, he just needs good teaching....


*  walks well on a leash, 

*  walks well off a leash, 

* knows the hand command for sit and down, and voice command for sit.
     [All dogs should sit on command immediately. If there is only one command that your dog needs, it is to 'sit' when you tell/gesture him so. ]

* understands 'inside' and 'outside'

* doesn't bark when outside once he is settled. He is able to stay home in the backyard without disturbing neighbours - this, of course, may change when he goes to his new home, however good management will keep up this behaviour.

* comes back when called -  and comes to you when he feels like he needs a bit reassuredness with another dog. This means that there is a good relationship between human and dog. The dog will look to you for leadership instead of them needing to feel that he can't depend on his human companion.

* says hello to dogs in the appropriate manner

* runs well beside your bike

* loves food treats/rewards and comes with his favourite toy.

Buster is going to be someone's great forever dog.

Cost $500  This includes a private consultation (worth $200) and/or 4 week dog training class ($100/$125), new treat-dispensing toy ($25), and on-going support (invaluable)

There is a 7 day "trial" for all our dogs. This means that if Buster doesn't fit into your life, he can happily come back to us. 

Applications are sought.
Email us ( and tell us your name, address, phone number, and a little bit about your situation-

You know the sort of stuff we need to see.... 
Are you at home during the day? Are you an active family? What experience do you have with dogs? When can you take Buster? etc.

Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh



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