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Bowie is an amzing a 5 year old Lab x huntaway--- You couldn't get a great dog, and I'm very serious! 

--Male and neutered
--Vaccinated and Registered

Bowie is:
- is amazing with kids
- chills outside and does not bark at neighbours dogs.
- lives with cats but will chse unknown cats, but once they are introduced he isn't' phased by them.
- only barks when someone comes on the property but once he knows they are welcome he is super friendly.
- great on lead walker. Pulls at the start but after 5-10 mins will walk beside you nicely. And sometimes, it doesn’t take that long.
- good off lead walker (listens most of the time)
- can be left alone for long periods of time and he just chills outside on his bed or inside on the couch.
- knows basic commands and will wait for his food and is gentle when taking food out of someone's hand.
- gets along with most dogs well and can live with another dog as he has done before happily


-Bowie is an attention seeker so can sometimes get in your face wanting to lick you and try sit on you etc which can be annoying sometimes. ( doesn't do it with children though)
- he can be a jumper with people as he gets excited again doesn't do it with children.

Reason for rehoming: 
The family couldn’t find a rental after living in a their house for 4 years. Although they were promised that they had a long term rental, the house is being sold as the property owners are retiring.
They now have 3 children and Bowie is getting walked less.

Price: Will be discussed after form being filled out and we speak with you.

Please fill in our Rehoming Application form

 ✓ Life Sills Dog Class- up to $135.00
✓ Book: Welcoming a Dog into your Home Valued at $30.00
✓ Cheaper homestays ($5/day discount)
✓ Vaccination
✓ Registration
✓ Dog food and any toys that come with the dog.

Price is for our service, our time to create this webpage, taking photos, assessing the dog, talking to various people interested over the phone and in person (can take hours), and of course, the cost of living with us if needed.

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